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Standard Specs

  • Length: 3100 mm
  • Width: 1100 mm
  • Height: 1550mm
  • Cartons Per Minute Speed: 60
  • Quality Requirement: 250-350 g/m2
  • Power Requirement: 1 KW
  • Air Requirement: 100 to 160 LMP
  • Carton Length: 60 to 180 mm
  • Carton Width: 30 to 85 mm
  • Carton Breadth: 14 to 50 mm
  • All pneumatics are procured from Festo, and all sensors are European make for long life
  • Complete Stainless Steel Table Top
  • Easy to Clean, Simple to Maintain
  • Intermittent Operation allows stacking blisters, and cartoning multiple objects
  • Leaflet folding with upto 4 folds and pushing
  • Synchronous operation in combination with any tube filling, bottling and blister machine
  • Japanese make vaccum pump, with three dust filters
  • GMP model with all sides cover, Confirmatory to European Safety standard.
  • No product, no carton
  • Supports both folding as well as hot glue cartoning

Optional Features - Click to Select

Timing Belt

The optional Timing Belt instead of regular chain design, allows high accuracy, low noice operation.

The timing belt increases the life of the machine and provides smooth operation.

Vision Inspection System

We reccommend Vision inspection System, to ensure that the text/barcode being printed on the product is legible.

Pacmac Solutions have developed their own inhouse system to provide low cost, high reliablity inspection to our pharma clients

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